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  • This was the best tour I have been on!

    D Taylor
  • I have been to Israel before, and now I see how much I missed the first time.

    K. Bailey
  • My wife and I and my 18 year old twins recently returned from Israel and Egypt with a tour created by Sterling Jack and Flock to Israel.” It was an amazing tour. Not only were we educated concerning the history, both secular and religious, but the tour was able to bring in a spirituality and meaning that tied everything into one large, wonderful experience. I would recommend Flock to Israel to anybody considering tours. We will never be able to read the scriptures again without them truly living within us, after having seen the sites, read the stories, and felt the Spirit testify to us of the veracity of what we learned.

    K. Hoer
  • I was amazed how well the tour was organized, from the bus at the airport, to our wonderful driver and guides. Each hotel was perfectly placed and the food was delightful. We never backtracked, or wasted time, yet we were never rushed or in a hurry. The experience was life-changing! Thanks for all the memories.

    K. Smith
  • Thank you for the wonderful tour of Israel. We will never forget it.

    K. Peterson
  • Thank you for everything, we will never study the scriptures in the same way again. We had a wonderful experience.

    P. Smith
  • I love the old city of Jerusalem. It was wonderful to end our tour there and spend so much time there. I have never experienced anything like it before. We are forever grateful!

    K. Dobbs
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