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Personalized Groups

We arrange custom Israel tours specifically for your family and friends. No matter the size, no matter the dates, we can arrange an individual tour for your group. You will not be joining a tour that already exists with other people that you do not know.

We can take your family or group of friends on a tour that is custom built for the experience you desire.


We do custom tours for your family and friends, focusing on the individual experience you will have. Your group leader will be given special privilege to teach, explain and enjoy the tour with your group. Our drivers and guides will deliver you to all the places you want to see. We focus on the experience you will have, planning for time to learn, hold meetings and study sessions…as many as you desire and in the most sacred places in all of the Holy Land.

We Take Care of Everything

We can take care of all details, flights, hotels, transportation, food, guides and more. You are able to simply prepare to come and experience the Holy Land.

Unique Experiences

You will experience the thrill of standing upon some of the Holiest Mountains in Israel. You will see the Landscapes that Jesus saw, many unchanged for over 2,000 years! You will enjoy sailing on the Sea of Galilee as the ancient Apostles did. You will never forget sites and the understanding that comes with walking where Jesus walked … Jerusalem, the Golden City, one of the greatest cities in the world!

You will love the sights, sounds, and smells of this ancient walled city. You will gain and understand the context to the most sacred writings in the old world. This will change your understanding of the Life of Jesus forever.

What Makes Us Different

7 Reasons our tours experience is superior

There are many ways to see and experience this holy land. We have built guided group tours and trip packages that focus on:

  • 1. The Experience

    We have thought through and planned through all that you will do and see in Israel. We focus on the experience you will have, from the time that you will be thirsty to the time that you want a delicious meal.

    We balance travel, instruction, free-time, and food. Your trip to Israel will be efficient, well planned, and flow from place to place and site to site.

    The hotels are the best in the country, with all the amenities you desire. We ensure your experience is just right!

  • 2. Your Itinerary

    We do not have preset dates or tours that you will join with mixed groups or mixed families. We arrange the tour for the dates that work for you and your group!

    We can be flexible on all fronts, from airline tickets to partial trips. We can do groups as small as you want, or as large as you want.

    We create the custom tour experience for each and every group, regardless of size.

  • 3. The Tour Route

    The route you take in Israel is an essential part of your experience.

    We visit the country in a loop, with no back-tracking, seeing all that you want to see in a very efficient schedule.

  • 4. Safety and Security

    Safety and security are our top priority. Trip insurance is required, but we also hand pick our hotels and drivers, guides and restaurants to ensure your safety at every stop along the way.

  • 5. Hotels

    After many years of experience, the hotels we use in Israel are hand-picked, amongst the best in the country and located perfectly to fit your tour experience. You will have Wi-Fi each evening and on the bus. You will have very nice rooms with views and locations and food that are top tier.

  • 6. The Food

    Israel is one of the most amazing places for Mediterranean cuisine!

    This, along with the strong cultural varieties that are available, add to your authentic Israel experience.

    You will have your choice of food, and you will always be well fed.

  • 7. The Guides

    Israel tour guides and drivers are the icing on the cake.

    The guides we use are our proven friends and experts of the Holy Land. They add to the experience you will have in a way that will change your life!

    It is also common to have your own Pastor or Leader, Father or Grandfather come along. Ample time will be given for teaching and preaching along the way.

  • Suggested Itinerary
  • Pricing and Inclusions
  • Most Popular Places

The following day-by-day itinerary is a great place to start when building your customized tour:

  • Day 1: Fly to Israel

    If you are traveling from the west, you usually arrive in Israel the next day.

  • Day 2: Arrive in Israel, Visit Jaffa and Caesarea, right on the Mediterranean Sea

    Spend the day relaxing at the Hotel in Tel Aviv, preparing for the Tour. Once you have passed through customs and passport control, our guide and driver will be right there to take you directly to your hotel in Tel Aviv, not far from the airport. You will be able to relax in the evening and get prepared for the tour. Don’t fall asleep too early, force yourself to stay awake, and the you will get a good night’s rest and minimize the jet lag.

  • Day 3: Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, Tabor and Nazareth, Relaxing on the Sea of Galilee

    Northwestern Israel is beautiful. Mt Carmel, the great Lodging place of Elijah, the Valley of Armageddon, Nazareth, and the Church of Annunciation, the breathtaking views from the Mt of Precipice, and Mt Tabor, towering from the Valley floor. Finish the day on the Sea of Galilee.

  • Day 4: Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Bethsaida and then Mt Hermon and down the East side of the Sea

    Visit all of the Places where Jesus spent his Northern ministry. From Nazareth to Capernaum, Bethsaida and all along the Northern shore of the Sea of Galilee.

  • Day 5: Morning boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Jericho, Qumran, The Dead sea

    Northern Israel, Caesarea Philippi, Mt Hermon and Dan. See the Northernmost part of Israel, the headwaters of the Jordan River and the great roman ruins of the Banyas.

  • Day 6: Masada, and then to Jerusalem

    The Dead Sea: Visit the Lowest Place on Earth, along with Historical Parks at Masada and Qumran. You will float in the famous Dead Sea, see the Mountain fortress of Masada and explore the ruins of Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered.

  • Day 7: Tour of Jerusalem

    Visit the old city of Jerusalem, all 4 quarters, from Mt. Zion and the Western Wall to the wonderful Gates of the city.

  • Day 8: Bethlehem and Jerusalem

    Bethlehem, Shepherds fields and the Tomb of Lazarus. Visit Bethany and the tomb of Lazarus, known to be the ancient tomb, see the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and enjoy the city where Jesus was born.

  • Day 9: Jerusalem

    More of the old City, the Burnt House, the Archeological park on the ancient stairs of the temple mount, Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, the Via Dolorosa and the Garden Tomb.

  • Day 10: Jerusalem and then to the airport to fly home.

    Visit the Museums, and shops of the modern city. Enjoy the food and sights and sounds and smells of the city and finish up your shopping with some Olive wood or ancient artifacts.

  • Day 11: Arrive at home

    Flights from Israel usually depart in the late evening, you are dropped at the airport and prepare to fly home. Filled with the memories of the trip of a lifetime. It will change your life to visit here. For the rest of your life you will never forget the Holy Land!


These are custom tours, catered specifically to you and your group. The price per person will vary depending on the size of your group, and the number of days you decide to travel.

Traveling in a group can create tremendous savings. You may be surprised at how affordable it can be.

Our tours include the following:

  • Air Fare
  • Hotels
  • Tour Guide Services
  • Most Meals
  • Entrance Fees
  • Tips
  • Transportation
  • A Journal
  • A Study Guide
  • Digital Photo Album of the Trip
  • Pre-Tour Study Materials
  • Personal Tour Journal

From Moses Mount, to Peter’s place of Testimony, this tour will take you to all of what the Holy Land has to offer. It may very well encompass the most sacred places on earth. You will not forget it!

We will make sure you don’t miss out on anything that is important to you!

Here is a list of some popular locations that you can include when scheduling your tour:

In Israel

  • Joppa Port
  • Caesarea
  • Mt. Carmel
  • Megiddo
  • Nazareth
  • Capernaum
  • Bethsaida
  • Jordan River Headwaters
  • Mt. Tabor
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Tiberius
  • Mount of Beatitudes
  • Jericho
  • Mount of Temptation
  • Qumran
  • The Dead Sea
  • Masada
  • Bethlehem
  • Bethany
  • Jordan River Baptismal Site

In Jerusalem

  • The Old City
  • All the City Gates
  • Pool of Bethesda
  • St. Anns
  • The Western Wall
  • Mount of Olives
  • Orson Hyde Memorial Garden
  • The Temple Mount
  • The Garden of Gethsemane
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • The Via Dolorosa
  • The Garden Tomb
  • The Ancient Temple Steps
  • Israel Museum
  • Mt. Zion
  • The Last Supper Room
  • St. Peter Gallicontu
  • The Ancient Dungeon
  • Rockefeller Museum
  • The Citadel
  • Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Message From Sterling

“Do not sell yourself short when it comes to experiencing the Holy Land. I once talked with a friend who had visited Jerusalem from a cruise ship tour. He was able to see Jerusalem for only a few hours and then had to leave. As I talked about the many things that he missed during his short trip, my heart broke for him, knowing that there was so much more to experience!”

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