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Imagine customizing your trip to Israel to focus on what YOU want to do and experience. Experience the history, the stories, the people, the food, the culture, as well as the sights, the scriptures, the spirit and power of this Holy Land!

What we hope you experience

We want you to experience the context of the stories held sacred in holy writ. We want you to experience the power and influence by learning more and getting closer to God, by seeing the places where he has chosen to perform some of His labor.

We have perfected the art of experiencing Israel!

Many others can certainly arrange your travel, give you a guide or point you in the right direction. This kind of approach does not measure up for a trip to Israel! We want you to truly experience the Holy land from the first sunset to the last.

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What Makes Us Different

7 Reasons our tours experience is superior

There are many ways to see and experience this holy land. We have built guided group tours and trip packages that focus on:

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