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Your Tour, Your Experience

Imagine customizing your trip to Israel to focus on what YOU want to do and experience. Experience the history, the stories, the people, the food, the culture, as well as the sights, the scriptures, the spirit and power of this Holy Land!

What we hope you experience

We want you to experience the context of the stories held sacred in holy writ. We want you to experience the power and influence by learning more and getting closer to God, by seeing the places where he has chosen to perform some of His labor.

We have perfected the art of experiencing Israel!

Many others can certainly arrange your travel, give you a guide or point you in the right direction. This kind of approach does not measure up for a trip to Israel! We want you to truly experience the Holy land from the first sunset to the last.

Which Tour Are You Looking For?

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    Church Tour

    • Experience the Holy Land as a congregation
    • Custom Church Group Tours
    • Lead by Our Guides, Taught by Your Minister
    • Hold Church Meetings
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  • Israel
    Family and Friends Tour

    • Personalized Groups
    • Experience
    • We Take Care of Everything
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What Makes Us Different

7 Reasons our tours experience is superior

There are many ways to see and experience this holy land. We have built guided group tours and trip packages that focus on:

  • 1. The Experience

    We have thought through and planned through all that you will do and see in Israel. We focus on the experience you will have, from the time that you will be thirsty to the time that you want a delicious meal.

    We balance travel, instruction, free-time, and food. Your trip to Israel will be efficient, well planned, and flow from place to place and site to site.

    The hotels are the best in the country, with all the amenities you desire. We ensure your experience is just right!

  • 2. Your Itinerary

    We do not have preset dates or tours that you will join with mixed groups or mixed families. We arrange the tour for the dates that work for you and your group!

    We can be flexible on all fronts, from airline tickets to partial trips. We can do groups as small as you want, or as large as you want.

    We create the custom tour experience for each and every group, regardless of size.

  • 3. The Tour Route

    The route you take in Israel is an essential part of your experience.

    We visit the country in a loop, with no back-tracking, seeing all that you want to see in a very efficient schedule.

  • 4. Safety and Security

    Safety and security are our top priority. Trip insurance is required, but we also hand pick our hotels and drivers, guides and restaurants to ensure your safety at every stop along the way.

  • 5. Hotels

    After many years of experience, the hotels we use in Israel are hand-picked, amongst the best in the country and located perfectly to fit your tour experience. You will have Wi-Fi each evening and on the bus. You will have very nice rooms with views and locations and food that are top tier.

  • 6. The Food

    Israel is one of the most amazing places for Mediterranean cuisine!

    This, along with the strong cultural varieties that are available, add to your authentic Israel experience.

    You will have your choice of food, and you will always be well fed.

  • 7. The Guides

    Israel tour guides and drivers are the icing on the cake.

    The guides we use are our proven friends and experts of the Holy Land. They add to the experience you will have in a way that will change your life!

    It is also common to have your own Pastor or Leader, Father or Grandfather come along. Ample time will be given for teaching and preaching along the way.

Israel Tour Reviews

This was the best tour I have been on!

D Taylor

I have been to Israel before, and now I see how much I missed the first time.

K. Bailey

My wife and I and my 18 year old twins recently returned from Israel and Egypt with a tour created by Sterling Jack and Flock to Israel.” It was an amazing tour. Not only were we educated concerning the history, both secular and religious, but the tour was able to bring in a spirituality and meaning that tied everything into one large, wonderful experience. I would recommend Flock to Israel to anybody considering tours. We will never be able to read the scriptures again without them truly living within us, after having seen the sites, read the stories, and felt the Spirit testify to us of the veracity of what we learned.

K. Hoer

I was amazed how well the tour was organized, from the bus at the airport, to our wonderful driver and guides. Each hotel was perfectly placed and the food was delightful. We never backtracked, or wasted time, yet we were never rushed or in a hurry. The experience was life-changing! Thanks for all the memories.

K. Smith

Thank you for the wonderful tour of Israel. We will never forget it.

K. Peterson

Thank you for everything, we will never study the scriptures in the same way again. We had a wonderful experience.

P. Smith

I love the old city of Jerusalem. It was wonderful to end our tour there and spend so much time there. I have never experienced anything like it before. We are forever grateful!

K. Dobbs
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