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Our team is here to serve you and ensure your tour experience is top-notch! We have offices in the USA and in Israel. With expertise in all the aspects of your tour experience. From group flights, to excellent drivers, Hotel packages and exquisite food.

Experience that Matters in the Holy Land
Sterling Jack, Ph,D.M

The First thing that Dr. Jack will tell you about a trip to Israel is this: “It will change your life!”Dr. Jack began his experience in the Holy Land many years ago. As a Christian, born in the United States, Sterling was immediately drawn to the beauty and significance of the Holy Land. Israel soon became one of his favorite places on earth and trip after trip, tour after tour, he began to realize that people all around the world needed to see Israel and experience the Holy Land.

Over the years, Sterling began to perfect the experience of touring through Israel. His numerous relationships and friendships began to develop over the years and he would always focus on the “experience” each person would have in the Holy Land.

From the first step off the plane to the final vista of the old city. Tours that focus on the experience are completely different. They can not be duplicated with a travel book and hotel web site. Sterling oversees each and every tour schedule and itinerary. Making sure his years of experience are part of each day and each stop.

For those who want to see and experience the Holy Land, let our years of experience show you the best approach to a life-changing journey through Israel.

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